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Fireplace , Fire Ring or Barbecue Pit Firing At Home

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Fired locally dug clay on an open fire a few years back.  Got the fire started, put the pots in an altar fire, lowered the altar fire onto the fire, piled wood on top of the bars, fed with wood for several hours.

I estimate the temperature reached around 800c.  Clay was black cored, and softer than normal bisque firing.

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On 4/5/2020 at 2:28 PM, scottiebie said:

Has anyone use any of the 3 types of kilns to do a green ware pit firing in their backyard at home?  Anyone care to share their step-by-step loading and firing techniques. 

3 Types of kilns? Groundhog /pit /dung???

Updraft /downdraft/Electric????

pit/BBQ/propane grill???

Propane /natural gas/Electric???

small pit /meduim pit/Large pit????

Big backyard/Small Backyaerd? huge backyard?/ Scottland yard?

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