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What's On Your Kitchen Table?

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Well, this isn't on my kitchen table-yet-but I am hoping for some fresh scallops and lobster off Portland, Maine-via a young guy who is working on a fishing boat & used to help in my studio & helps me with the summer art fair in Portland. I barter & he ends up with cool LeeU Ceramics neck pieces and other smalls that are tailored for his punk culture guy friends.

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21 hours ago, oldlady said:

your newspaper reminded me of a feast our gang at the office earned.  everyone ordered blue crabs except me, allergic to shellfish.  i ordered a steak.  the day was wonderful we were at the edge of Chesapeake bay at a picnic table.  two of us had the ends in chairs and the table was covered with newspapers.   the steak took forever and when the waitress set it down on the newspaper in front of me, we all realized there was no table under the newspaper.    

Oh no.........

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On 2/13/2022 at 7:49 AM, Mark C. said:

A diver friend called with 4 fresh crabs for us a few days ago-ate them same day they came to surface,

Live backed them and slipped and really cut my palm badly--some antibiotic cream and super glue I was able to center and throw pots the next day. These guys are tasty served hot out of the steamer with hot melted butter

Last night it was tamales another treat. Potters need to eat well.



What lovely plates and mug. Your work?

Think that aspect was a bug part of first posts but love it anyway.

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Babs The stoneware plates are made by me in the 70s-the bowl in the crab dinner shot is also made by me in the 80s (stoneware)

The tamale dinner plate is by me same story from the 70s (we have a whole  8 place sald and dinner set from then we use daily)

That is a glaze I worked on in school that was my favorite and still is.

The bowl is from my collage  pottery girlfriend in the early 70s I have a few of those in the bowl stack still and the mug is a salt mug from a apprentice from the 90s. She is now a potter in Washington stste after taecking elementary school for a few decades first. I see her some years at a fair I do in Washington state-met her duaghter and husband last year-we did another mug trade as well.

I like to use other potters mugs dailey 

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Great set of dishes you have been using them 50 years,  I have been using a set I made for 15 years and they are starting to look a little hazy.   Your C10 gas fired dishes are more durable than my C6 oxidation fired set.  I use a Tony Hansen glaze formula that was suppose to be very durable for dishware.  Hard to test and see if the glaze holds up to wear and tear for fifteen years.   When my neighbor moved  she offered to sell me a set of dishes she bought from a potter in Los Angeles in the 70's.   She wanted 300 dollars,  she  couldn't remember the potters name or what they looked like,  she had never used them.   By the time she went home she had talked herself out of selling them.  I would have liked to see them but she didn't want to open the box,    Denice

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On 3/24/2020 at 10:04 PM, liambesaw said:

Cutie bear :) we get one every spring as well, but he tortures my huskies as he passes through the greenbelt.  He hasn't been curious enough to enter my studio yet though, thankfully, as I'm usually inside of it while he's passing a few feet away.  No food in there, so nothing he's interested in ;)

I beg to differ!  YOU'RE in there!

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