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Organic dot technique

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Hi all,
I saw this finish a while back and would love to do similar on a mug for my daughter. Does anyone know how this organic looking polka-dot finish would be done? Looks like it might be wax resist but I'm not sure how the beige rings around the blue were done! Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you :~)



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Some form of crystaline glaze. Commercial versions use colored crystals in the glaze. I would think that this may be that, and that the glaze runs a lot as you can see from it being fired upside down. and the dripping.

However it may be a glaze fired to develop its own crystals. These often take very precise firings with stages of hold where the crystals grow. For one trying to make one pot in that manner is and effort in futility, but for one absorbed in process treasures to behold.




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It can be as simple as putting dots of one glaze on top of another glaze and letting them run. I used to do a lot of that type of decoration. If the dots don't run as much as you'd like, then you can do a double dip of two glazes you know will run, and put the dots on top of that. I used to do a double dip and 3 or 4 different colors of dots, letting them all run and bleed together.

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whatever it is there is no beige applied.   that "color" is a reaction of the bottom glaze to the dropping of another color on top.    it is repelling the second glaze.

  if you drop oil into water it causes a similar reaction but without color.  

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Another theory is it could be a chrome-tin pink with cobalt glaze making it purple, and where there is blue is where a zinc based clear is used. Zinc causes the chrome to go clearish brown which is where you see the Halo.  

I guess what we are saying is there are many ways to skin a cat, and any of them may work.

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