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Got  this from the Glazy site

Iron Man Cone 10 reduction

Custer    50

Silica      34

Whiting    16

Looks good so far, but

yellow iron oxide  16

I know the YIO isn't strong, mostly clay.  I just don't do enough kitchen stuff to be much concerned with the concept of food safe.  I usually just use a white liner for everything.

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Sorry, yeah, I fire exclusively cone 10 reduction.  I confused by this because yellow iron in my usage is not as strong as red iron.  That's why I'm asking this question.


Digital Fire says "Actual yellow iron oxides are around 85% Fe2O3 and about 12% LOI with some impurities (e.g. SiO2, CaO)."


Spanish Red Iron Oxide 
Oxide    Analysis    Formula
SiO2    5.00%    0.153
Fe2O3    87.00%    1.000

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Judging from your image this saturated iron glaze is precipitating out iron and forming crystallization. Going from the high silica:alumina ratio this should be an extremely glossy glaze and yet from your test tiles it doesn't appear to be, this would be due to the iron crystallization. Low(ish) alumina content combined with the iron crystallization on the glaze isn't going to make a super durable glaze, I would expect there to be a colour / gloss shift with use over time. It's hard to tell but is that a cluster of pinholes at the top of the first test tile? Ingesting iron isn't a problem for most people, exception being those with hemochromatosis. 

I added firing info to your post for others who read this thread going forward.

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