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Skutt 1227 ErrP

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Hi, I'm having an issue with my Skutt 1227 kiln. I've had the kiln for years, haven't had many issues. Recently I moved and had my new studio wired to work the kiln. We added a 50amp breaker, (kiln requires 49). When we finished, the kiln flashed with its temperature like always, indicating it has power. 
Today I loaded a bisque firing, and went to start it. Immediately when the kiln tried to make the first heating, error code ErrP showed up and the display flashed between the temperature and the error code. 

According to Skutt ErrP means: 

A continuous Err P indicates a short term power outage has occurred and the kiln has continued with the program.

 (caused by ) Power Outage. Power Surge.

Wondering if anyone has experience with this error and any advice on how to begin to troubleshoot it. 

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@dazzlepottery Yes, what @liambesaw said. Kilns are required to be on a breaker that is 25% greater than the draw, so a 48 amp kiln needs a 60 amp breaker. However, if it went to Error P and didn't flip the breaker, I don't think that is necessarily the issue here. The breaker would flip because of the amperage draw from the elements, and the controller shouldn't be affected by that. This is more likely related to some sort of surge caused by the relays switching. Have you tried it again- does it do it every time? I would open the kiln control box  and interior baffle (unplug it first) and make sure all the connections in the system are tight. How old are the relays?

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23 minutes ago, neilestrick said:

@Bill Kielb can you explain this? Why would the breaker cause this when it wasn't actually flipping? Can it partially flip, just enough for the controller to notice? I've seen dozens of kilns on the wrong breaker but never this.

I cannot.
I have seen one leg of a double pole trip, so half power but only on the very old style breakers where we would just bond two single poles together.

Been a lot of years since you could do that I think and now double poles are produced with one reset tab for that very reason. His fifty should likely not have tripped quickly anyway since it takes quite some time to heat up and his kiln maxes at 48, I think.. So either some other Wiring issue or the breaker was defective or both.

Generally as breakers wear they start to trip at a lower setting and won’t cover startup inrush. Kilns have no inrush, resistance wire ramps up nice and slowly as it heats not like a motor.

so a mystery, but good he rewired  and got the right size breaker and wire.

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To clarify, I don't think the breaker was the issue at first. My husband wired this for me, I don't know exactly what he had to change to solve this issue, part of the wire needed to hook into the bottom of the breaker rather than to top from what it looked like? Seems it was getting just enough power to display the temperature but not enough to actually start the firing.

I had been firing this kiln at our last house for the past six years on a 50 breaker (not knowing it was undersized) so I went ahead and fired the bisque with the undersized breaker-which was new (I know, lazy and dangerous, our local hardware store was out of 60s and I'm on a very tight firing schedule because I have a big show next week). It did flip the breaker after a few hours at around 600*. So the next day I located the 60 breakers and we changed them out and that seemed to do the trick. 

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