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speckled, stoneware GLAZE for cone5


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Hi everyone,


I am looking for a commercial (already mixed) cone 5 glaze

that is a white speckled or white stoneware imitation glaze.

Like to use it for a dinnerware set as my main base color. I'm using a white smooth clay body

and would like to mimic a stoneware look on this....


Any suggestions...


Started searching and so far saw: Amaco cone 5 PC glazes with a layered look that may work....



PC-43 over PC-29 and PC27 over PC29

(for images of these - see:




Layering with PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle as a Base


Any other manufacturers? or other ideas?????

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Amaco's layering is lovely in the charts, but it's definitely not as easy to reproduce as it looks. Do follow Chris's advice :)


Also, they glaze the whole cup in both glazes, and many combos I suspect are not stable or foodsafe, especially the Palladium and Saturation Metallic. Look closely at the pics - many are pinholed - so just don't assume they are good fits to all clay :)

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I like Coyote glazes although I have not comparison shopped a great deal. They have a cone 6 glaze called Oeatmeal which comes speckled and I found that it served as a great base glaze for overglaze decoration using Amaco Velvets and LUG's, (yes I'm getting a big commission from all of these companies). It even worked well with greens which can be difficult. I spoke to Martin Butts (Mr. Coyote) about this, and said that I wished that Oatmeal came unspeckled too, and he informed me that their glaze Eggshell was just that. Eggshell does work fine for midfire majolica-like use. They have another glaze, Alabaster Satin which is nice - but it doesn't work well with greens, and maybe other colors I havn't tested.


Joan Klotz

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