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Is this permeant install? Or temp?  Inside or outside ?bathroom or living room? dry area or wet?-whats the wall surface-stucco, brick, sheetrock,tile backer board?

need more info-

I got it you have 13 flat 13”x13”x1/2” tiles but need to know some of the above before recommending a way.

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No more posts from artists but just in case still looking.

At the design phase of idea/brief follow through on "paper" your project right through to installation.

This will demand you tackle unforseen issues like...how willl this 60metre elephant made of clay be suspended from the ceiling.....

Or in your case your tiles.

Then the construction of the artwork will be created around that knowledge.

Good luck.

If you were to answer Neil's questions he could pount you in an appropriate direvtion.

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