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Year end totals

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Every year I look back at kiln fires and compare to the previous year. My gas kiln glaze fires are as follows

2018 -23, 35 cubic foot glaze car kiln loads-downdraft

2019 -23, 35 cubic foot  glaze car kiln loads-downdraft

2018 -27, 12 cubic foot  glaze fires in updraft

2019-29, 12 cubic foot  glaze fires in updraft

looking at sales-

Sales where up 30% for 2019 over 2018

All sales out of county are way up.

I'm doing more wholesale these days less consignment and the same amount of retail myself.

The reason consignment is down is the two outlets I have pots in (past 25 plus years) are local and the downturn in the local economy due to marijuana legalization in our state (humboldt county) hit this county hard and sales are off with all brick and mortar as well as grocery and eateries within our county this past year.  Illegal Pot farming is one of the major money makers here the past 35 years and was hammered when pot became legal .

I know a few other potters my age  and experence and this more wholesale these days is true for them as well


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