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Hello All,

If you had to recommend a video or group of videos for a home potter to get started with the craft from start to finish... What would you recommend? For example, a good video about hand building, a good video about glazing, and a good video for operating a kiln through the firing processes from bisque to glaze. 

Assume these variables have been met: Proper ventilated work space, proper PPE for dust and other potential hazmat, a skutt km-1227 kiln, various clay bodies and glazes for up to cone 5 firing. I don't have a wheel, but have plenty of plaster on hand to make molds for pressing and slip casting. No chance to take a proper class due to work schedule and family schedule (read: kids in school and soccer dad duties).

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Plenty of videos on clayflicks for you to watch that way.  Handbuilding isn't my thing but I've seen several videos on clayflicks where they use templates for making stuff, sounds right down your alley.  

The cost for a slab roller and a wheel are about the same, so if you continue your pursuits, you'll end up with one or the other eventually.  Rolling slabs by hand gets old fast, hence my affinity towards the wheel. :)

in any case, enjoy yourself! Working with clay is very personally rewarding!

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From "Gaining Experience" thread


  There are many good books and other resources; may I recommend Tony Hansen's digitalfire website? Here's an article on glaze gel 


(He has a you tube video on the same subject)

If one resource only, I'd like to know if there's anything out there more complete than what Mr. Hansen has put together. You might start with one clear glaze that works well, or "fits" your favourite clay.  Beware, it might take a while get there, haha.

Hesselberth and Roy's book, Mastering Cone  6 Glazes is available as pdf file (also in black and white), if one book only, it's a good choice. Also want to mention Peterson's The Craft and Art of Clay - her discussion of limits is great, imo.

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