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Hot water for throwing

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I use to use a cup warming coil way back in the 70's Now I fill up a gallon of hot water every morning to take into the studio My studio is close to the kitchen and recently reinsulated the attic and installed a gas shop heater. Last year we had record cold 42 days consecutive days below zero with 72 houses , mine included, losing access to city water because the city pipes froze. I use warm water for throwing and in my cleaning bucket. 



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On 1/11/2020 at 12:23 AM, Hulk said:

Last three batches of reclaim, tried adding in some of Nerd's reclaim mix, which I believe is 80 ball clay, 10 feldspar, 10 silica; there's a detailed post here somewhere ...see this thread, where dhPotter reposted and Nerd's post, the last one


Actually really useful thread thanks for sharing it. 

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Hi Stillc!

In the year since, have added the smidge of Nerd's reclaim mix only to batches  that don't contain previously reclaimed.

I hadn't any short clay problems, was more curious how adding the reclaim influences the clay, having experienced local JC ceramic lab reclaim, which was rather short. What I found - doesn't take much addition of ball clay to stretch the body's "legs" and drying rate!

Other observation - I'm not seeing ageing as a requirement, nor particularly useful, perhaps on account o' the thorough slaking involved in my method? I'm reclaiming "dry as" clay - where the all the bits very dry. I'm retaining sludge from throwing water and clean up - whether that has dried to a powdery disc at the bottom of the bucket, or is still wet, either way, in it goes. Then I add enough water such that the mass will just flow/move when the mixer is run. From there, I run the mixer for a bit a few times/day once the lumps have absorbed water... After a few days, it's smooth - no lumps. Depends on the weather, how long it takes for the mass to be thick enough to stand up on plaster slabs, and also how long it takes to be ready for the bag and go! So, my reclaim has been thoroughly wetted.

Bein' not in any hurry, that is.

Here's the (actual) link, btw: Reclaimed clay - Clay and Glaze Chemistry - Ceramic Arts Daily Community
...I grind coffee beans - just in time - and drip, using paper Melitta; folks call it "pour-over" now. 

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goose neck, what? nooo
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