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Getting Answers to Questions

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When looking for answers it’s very helpful for all of those who try and help or contribute to a post to have a rough idea of the original poster's experience or knowledge base in regards to their question. 

If a member has been posting here for a while we can get an idea of their experience and try and tailor our replies to reflect what we surmise to be their knowledge / experience level. This is really hard to do with new members or those who post infrequently! 

We all try to be as helpful as possible but the answers can, at times, be more confusing than the questions. Mentioning your experience should get you more relevant answers than us overloading information but we can’t do this without an idea of knowledge / experience.

Including as many details as possible, photos if relevant, and knowledge / experience relevant to the question being asked will hopefully aid everyone is both giving and receiving their questions and comments.

Thank you

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thanks, min.   sometimes reading the first answer is more confusing than the original question.   my suggestion is that if you want to answer a question, read it at least twice so the intent of the person can be determined.   none of us is perfect but if the reader looks at EVERYTHING, the time, the language, the vocabulary, the answer will probably be more appropriate.  someone who asks a question at what would be your 3 in the morning might not live in your part of the world or speak your language.

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