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I have run my own potterty booth in a local shopping center for 40 years  now .This season the selling was 14 days the same as last year-some years its 12 days some its 14. Anyway after closing at 4 pm yesterday and packing up the booth and doing the paperwork-the sale was exactly $3 dollars more than last year. Really an amazing coincidence consdidering all the variables.

The wether was a mix as always- heavy rain, some cold days and some sunny ones. The booth is outside a pet store under and large covered walkway. I sold thru  the 3 weekends this Dec and closed the booth for 4 weekdays early in Dec.

Merry xmas to all you clay folks .

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The local economy here (in Humboldt County) has been drastically been affected by the legalization of marijuana by the state. Most business are down up to 30% this year-restaurants, grocery,gift etc.

This is ground zero for this industry the past 30 years and the boom is over. All my sales are way up out of this county at shows. Just holding my own in local sales which is way ahead of most businesses here. 

I'm uping prices for 2020 as well now its not a yearly event but its been some years now so its time.

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For my Open Studio / Online Sale weekend, my sales were down from last year, because my inventory was lower by a few thousand bucks. This was due to a big show I did in November that cut into my December inventory. I have a few pots left that I do not consider "shippable" so they were held out of the Online Sale, but otherwise I am sold out. 

Last year, when I opened the door for my Open Studio at 10am, there were already customers waiting on my patio. This year, when I opened the door, the line of customers went down the driveway. And I had some helpers lined up to wrap/bag pots during the first few hours, which is when most of the pots are sold, and they were a big help!

For the entire year, my P+L is better than last year by over $6K. And it didn't feel like I was cranking harder in production. I even took two fun vacations. My inventory planning is slowly shifting into making more pots that are smaller and easier, while still fetching a good price (whiskey sippers, etc). I'm thinking about my inventory plans for next year, and I think I can move even further in this direction. 

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I only do 1 show a year, the Merry Christmas Market. This is my second year to do the show. It is a 1 day show. Sold $300 more this year than last year. All smalls, nothing over $20. This year I had made ornaments, did not last year. Without those ornaments would not have sold near as much this year. A Thank You to @DirtRoads for the push into making ornaments!

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