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QotW: Did you give Ceramic objects for Christmas this year, 2019?

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Hi folks, I haven't seen anything new in the QotW pool so I will once again take it on. I was just thinking this Christmas Eve about the pieces I have made over the years for family and friends. This year, I had heard so much about sponge holders and spoon rests that I decided to make some of my own. So I did up around 20 of each for Christmas this year for the nieces and nephews. I also made so heavier floor vases after the one that I made for my wife, Sue.  

So I"ll ask : Did you give Ceramic objects for Christmas this year, 2019?


Have a Merry Christmas folks,




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Two family members have birthdays, one xmas eve, t'other xmas - they get ceramics, again!

...and my entry to the family gift exchange is ceramics, again!

Donations to local charity fundraiser, local developmentally disabled workcenter, ceramics this year.

Bike shop that supports our bike team got some mugs.

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Ho boy, did I ever!

First off, my family is still in what I call "special request" mode.  They know I make pottery so I will get a few "special requests" per year, I save up these special requests for Christmas.  My uncle requested back in the summer a stash jar, so I made a big one for him:


And my step mom wanted a vase, so I made her one:


My mom asked for a water dish for her watercoloring, which for some reason I forgot to take a picture of.  My dad got a pipe he had been bugging me to make. 


Throughout the year I often will throw some mugs or cups and then (especially in the summer) not get handles pulled and onto them before it's too late, so I save them up and make candles out of them.  So these are lavender citrus soy candles, 8 ounces each for a 48 hour burn time supposedly, I've never actually kept track of how long one has been burning, but yeah they work great and are a super quick, cheap and easy project to use up some of those random vessels.  A word of caution though, if you make these and sell them as part of your business you'll need to buy either a special candlemakers liability policy or a BOP policy that covers candlemaking, and be sure to research what youre doing so you don't end up making fireballs instead of candles.


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6 hours ago, Denice said:

We don't exchange gifts anymore,  I found out that my sister in-law threw our gifts away every year.  I didn't ever give that many pieces of pottery as gifts,  I will make a piece upon request.  My son and his wife send a list of what to order from Amazon for them.   Denice


Sounds sad to me. . . sorry to hear that.

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It was sad but I have accepted that life doesn't always come out the way you think it will.  You have to accept the bumps and turns in life and find joy in other moments,  I have the memories of past Christmas and that is enough.   I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and appreciates every second of it.      Denice

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I got commissioned to make a couple of things for friends for their family, but most of my fam has what they want from me already. 

I got to make a couple of fun commissions for others though. One lady got three stacking sets in different colours, one for each of her daughters. My favourite though, was a sugar jar that one of the sweetest boys I might have ever met was getting for his boyfriend for their first Christmas in their new apartment. 

I have some bowls that haven’t been selling as well as I wanted them to that I will take down to the Drop In Centre. They have a transitional housing program, and are always in need of cookware and dishes to supply a kitchen with.

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I'm sure I sold a thousand plus items in last 3 weeks at all my outlets and most where xmas gifts so Mayby I can say yes I did get some ceramics out under the tree this season. My guess Is I brought a lot of happyness to many on this the 25th day of Dec. Its always a good feeling  around this time .I feel I'm in a happy business.

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Somehow I missed this QotW when it was posted, and today, "Christmas" caught my eye.  I don't make clay gifts for friends/relatives anymore-I used to. Now I just invite them to choose something from my stock if they want. What I do for the December holiday season/occasions is I make bulk quantities of smalls, like tea light holders and small catchalls and give them to a few organizations that I like, for them to give to their staff and customers.  Now I've been asked to make a hundred tea light holders (paid) for a company for next year's holidays-no strings attached re size/body/glaze/design--I get to just do my thing! 

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