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Someone posted some insightful work on glaze chemistry with a couple of great graphs. The covered the silica-alumina ratios and where different effects would occur on a triangular graph. I can't remember much more than that, so this is a Hail Mary. Would anyone know the person's name, or about when those posts were made? I've must spent a half-hour searching with no luck.


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Might be me. It sounds like Stull and I use the Katz worksheet when possible. He provides it free on his website. We actually have a modified version of his sheet with his permission, and provide updates to a handful of  Folks in a small group that does personal  glaze research. Katz course is a Nice course on Claybodies and Glazes. Other than that I have posted a bunch of spreadsheets over time free to anyone who wants them.

Katz Website https://www.ceramicmaterialsworkshop.com/resources.html

over time  we have sought to incorporate as many aids  as practical for beginner potters

here is a link to an early beginner video.  Surface Texture and durability were the intended focus to the intro.

If you have a need for any of the sheets, message me. Hope that’s what you were  seeking,


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2 minutes ago, yedrow said:

I got time to watch that video Bill and it was wonderful!!! Thank's again!


we plan to do something more comprehensive and with more clarity and content. There are so many dependent issues with glazes our hope is to someday incorporate as much gathered knowledge from many sources into a series or chapters if you will, for beginners and maybe intermediates.

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