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Installing new elements paragon a66-be

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Hi, new to this forum because of some paragon kiln mysteries.

Bought a second-hand paragon a66-be kiln a few years ago, in an almost unused impeccable state. Now one of the elements burned out so I ordered two new ones to replace the two existing. I ordered them directly from the factory saving me some hustle and problems (I thought).

After receiving the elements from paragon ; made for this model number I figured out they are one loop (around the oven) too long (around 3 feet). Both of them !

I now see that the models sold in the United States had 3 grooves per brick for looping the element, mine just has 2. It was sold on the French market. It definitely looks like the inside of the xpress 66.

Also I see that my two elements are wired in series and not parallel and are regulated by a stepless switch instead of a 4 way rotary (off-low-med-high).

Does anyone know if there is a method of reconfiguration possible to make the kiln work again? Without changing a whole lot of things? For now paragon is not yet answering to my mails.

I’ve included some pictures to illustrate.

Thanks in advance, Tommy.







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It is a small lowfire kiln powered for lowfire clay and China paints. At 3600 watts and 1.5 cubic feet it likely is marginally powered to make it to cone six. So my thought is it needs every available watt. My best thought is to truly talk to paragon which likely will lead to getting the correct elements.

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