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Long standing Business is going under-Aftosa

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Well Bill started this company back in the early 80s and it all started with lotion pump tops made in China. for him He called his company Aftosa. Back then he had a snappy catalog and business started hopping. For us fiunctional potters he had a few items that helped us sell pots. He has great customer service.That business was sold over the decades about 4 times and every time the service went down and the prices went up.At one time I could call in an order and have it next day for very low cost.The prices slowly went up and many items where discontinued. I sourced items from other sources for less as did others. Quainity discounts where dropped.

The once thriving Business was absorbed into what was once called Richmond Ceramics as they expanded they bought out Leslie ceramics in Berkley as well recently and a few other long standing ceramic businesses like Brant street ceramics in SF. The renamed (rebranded) them all to Leslie ceramics less than two years ago. Yesterday I got a email that they (the owners) are retiring and closing the doors (I assume they got an offer on the property that was to good to turn down(specualtion on my part )As California property in some areas is many millions and this area is one of them. I have many newly minted friends who are millionaire friends who parents property sold for millions when they passed  away in Bay Area and sold out.

So if you want anytrhing from Leslies you better hurry as its all 25% off and going as fast as they can ship it out the door.

I placed my last order with them on some specialty products (600$) and thought about the 40 years of doing business with a place that will be gone this month.I'm a little sad about it

Well I'm downsizing myself to a degree so I can also relate-

last call for Aftosa

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only bought a few corks from aftosa many years ago.

HOWEVER, i recently picked up 4 Sapir studios acrylic stands, the three sided ones that hold a bowl so you can see the interior.   unfortunately, someone had put cellophane tape on them and i am not sure what to use to get it off without ruining the acrylic finish.    thrift shops have all kinds of things, i an very happy with these stands but they need a cleaning up.

any ideas?   Sapir is now a plastic wrapping company and the phone number does not answer. 

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I use simple lighter fluid -works great. I use a generous amount and let it soak a bit-don't wipe it off too fast. I use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth or the kind for cleaning eyeglasses or a soft flannel to wipe it off,  and another one to polish the plastic when dry. The lighter fluid also works right through stuck on labels-it just may take applying and letting it soak in twice if the label/adhesive is tough.  

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I will miss them-it's Leslie's too right? I used to pick up things at Leslie's in Berkeley, then they moved to Richmond and joined up with Aftosa - I used to buy a lot of odd sized kiln posts  and put them in my carry on luggage  (and stains that were on sale) for customs  to inspect coming back home to Canada :). Gave them something interesting to do.

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I have enjoyed purchasing the wooden trays and boxes for tile art. It looks like, Amazon, Walmart, and Blick sell the Aftosa trays but state that they have limited supplies. Does anyone  know of a different company that makes trays, furniture, frames, and boxes specifically for tile art?  I'd love to find another supplier. I'm not finding anyone who sells these types of items.

Thank you

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