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Any insights on unknown materials tested in a tile?


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Hello. I did a test tile with some materials I don't know their name. They came as a bonus with my old kiln, so I did a test tile in cone 2. 

I would be grateful on insights about this. I know one is a feldspar (because the box says so), but it doesn't specify what kind of feldspar it is. I also wrote how the material look in raw state. Thank you very much in advance. 

Edit: The one that says yellow crystal actually dissappeared. I wonder if it volatized, or fell off the tile.

test tile.jpg

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My guess on #1 would be a gum, tragacanth maybe? Have you read through the Mike Bailey and Michael Hewitt article thats here on identifying unlabelled materials? They have a few methods of trying to determine what unknown materials are. Not sure what you mean for #2 and #3 being "stone". How much of the materials do you have? Might not be worth the effort trying to figure them out if it's just small quantities.

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