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Simple stable Cone 6 base glaze recipe for gloss and matte

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About a million of them!  You'll have to choose a few to mix up and try out and see which ones you like.  It always depends on the clay body, firing schedule, kiln, barometric pressure, moon phase, etc.  There are so many factors that make a clear recipe a great one for one person, and then it doesn't work for everyone else, even using the same clay body and firing cycle, so yeah your mileage may vary on every recipe.

A good place to look for clear recipes are books: Roy and hesselberths mastering cone 6 glazes, there are several low expansion and medium expansion clears in that one that can be tailored to your clay body.  John Britts complete guide to midrange glazes is a book with quite a few clear glazes to try too.  There is glazy.org as far as a website with clear recipes, however without a decent understanding of glaze chemistry, you're on your own to figure out if it's durable or not since anyone can post anything on there.

I hope that helps! 

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8 minutes ago, oldlady said:

liam, you are out of touch with the price.  it has been sold out for years.   if you want to sell one for $20, please PM me.


I'm not out of touch, I ordered one less than a year ago and it's still on the store: https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/mastering-cone-6-glazes/d2bea83c-2c34-4ed0-8a00-a6f12113515d

It's black and white but the color photos are on their website if you need reference.

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Hi Peggy!

Liamb may be referring to the ebook or .pdf file version of the book - much cheaper than an bound (collector's) copy... oh! forgot 'bout that bookpatch!

Mr Hesselberth's subpage "Tested Glazes" has some recipes with helpful notes http://www.frogpondpottery.com/ (be sure to read the notes!); there aren't any clears listed.

See also Tony Hansen's online resource https://digitalfire.com/4sight/recipes/index.html; if you haven't explored this yet, you just  may be amazed at the amount of detail...

I'm having luck with "Wollastonite Clear" on Aardvark's srf clay - clears the microbubbles and doesn't craze; it behaves nicely on the buff clay as well.


I don't have a solution to clears crazing over Aardvark's Sedona Red and bmix clays, however, forum member Min kindly offered a recipe which I'll be trying next firing. Shout if you can't find it!

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i) aha! ii) forgot to say Hi
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On 11/5/2019 at 5:56 PM, Peggy Q said:

Does anyone have a simple clear gloss recipe that you love for cone 6 ox suitable for clear and color? Simple, stable and preferably cheap. Same for matte surface. Prefer a soft satin matte, not too dry.  Thanks!

You are welcome to try these. They were developed  specifically to work over heavy underglaze And be dependable and durable and have been in use in the studio for well over a year. Fits our porcelain body but is used on Bmix and Whitestone as well thus far.

you are welcome to try. The matte level can be adjusted towards more gloss by incrementing the silica upwards. Have a video on how to do this if you are not familiar. It’s super easy. Recipes and pics below







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I'm just going to add a bit to what @liambesaw said in the first reply to this post.

Glaze recipes don't travel well.

It's an old expression and one that is more relevant than ever with it being so easy to just google recipes and have a plethora of choices available with the click of a mouse. If you're lucky then you'll get a recipe that fulfills the qualities you are looking for with minimal testing however that isn't always the way it goes. If you are looking for a crystal clear, bubble free clear that fits your clay with no crazing, delayed crazing, works over underglazes, doesn't shiver etc then it's well worth taking the time to run a series of clear glaze tests. Go from a low expansion one up to a high expansion one with a couple in between. Do a stress test on the test pieces to check for delayed crazing and if necessary shivering. The recipe that Hulk referenced that I passed on to him is a low expansion glaze, it should fit low expansion clays but will probably shiver on high expansion clays. Getting a well fitting clear glaze is one of the trickier glazes to nail down. If the recipes Bill so generously shared above work for you then wonderful but be prepared to test. 


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cohen9,  if you have read the entire entry above, you are given several choices.   start from the beginning, read all the links and you should find your answer.     the simple answer is "TRY IT TO SEE IF IT WORKS ON YOUR CLAY".

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