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Additive for wax

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I have run out of liquid wax. What is added to wax to make it better for bottoms of pots prior to glazing, brain fail today. Snd the other qweek when making up an order.

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Thanks Mark think I read swhere where someone was adding a softer wax/oil to drop temp required so that wax didnt emit the carc. Fumes.

I'll go fossick more..Maybe was Greg Daly.

Order wont come for over a week hmm

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1 hour ago, Mark C. said:

Maybe mineral oil?

Found it..greg daly. Glazes and glazing technique.

He says this mix is still usable on brush up to a minute after dipping.

He emphasizes low heat to melt. Get the flow right by adjusting mix and temp.

Frying pan on low setting.

Add to paraffin.wax 60parts paraffin oil(kero) and 40 parts baby oil..light oil.

Also to each litre of this add 50ml of euc.oil or lavendar oil

The scented oils let you know when wax/oil mix is at correct temp.

He uses this for onglaze resist..doesn't peel off, wont damage brushes or give off smoke and vapour.

If wax  looks opaque adjust the mix or temp.

So i am away with the paraffin oil. 


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