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OLYMPIC 2327G Gas Kiln and Accessories for sale $850

Pick-up in Red Bank, NJ 07701.  Contact:  Lauren 732-208-5986 or preeser33@gmail.com

2327G Torchbearer, 23”W x 27”H, 7 cf, 2350°/cone 10, 3-burner.

Substantially upgraded by original owner. In his words: "Cheap pipe burners replaced with MR-750 venturi burners and thermocouple safety upgraded to a heavy duty model - all from Marc Ward Burners. Kiln will fire to cone 6 in 4 hours if not held back. Capable of firing to cone 10. Equipped with Baso safety valve and a Kilnsitter connected to an electric solenoid valve in the gas line. I have only fired the kiln about ten times to cone 6."

Since acquiring the kiln, the interior and shelves have been ITC'd. Only fired 3 more times at low temperature. Very lightly used. All in working order and in good condition.

Includes shelves, two (100# and 60#) partially-full propane tanks, regulator, cones, and Tru-View P-2 multi-zone pyrometer. Total package well over $2300 new.


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I am from Atlantic Highlands and would be interested in looking at your kiln however,  I am an artist in residence in French Lick , Indiana until early December .  If this kiln is still available in December  I would love to see if this will suit my needs.  Thanks my email is vzstoeckel@gmail.com 

What does ITC'd  mean on the shelves?  How old is this kiln?

Thank you 

Vicki Stoeckel


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Hi Vicki,

Thanks for your interest.

ITC-100HT is a ceramic radiant heat reflection and protective refractory coating.  It does an amazing job of extending the life of the fire bricks and shelves.

To be honest, I'm not sure of the age, perhaps 15 years old. It has been very lightly used, and the kiln is in excellent condition.

Let me know when you return, and if it's still available you can stop by and see if it suits you.


Paul and Lauren

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