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I mostly use Amaco  simply because that is what I was first introduced to. I have some Duncan underglazes and they are great as well.  However, Speedball is a LOT less expensive and if you are using a lot of underglaze in your work, take a look at speedball.  At this point I have my color palette dialed in with Amaco, but  I am going to get some small bottles of Speedball and do a little testing.  I have heard good reports on that company. And I have used both glossy clear and matte over the Amaco Underglazes without an issue.  The only problem I have had is pink and maroon burned out and if I apply the Warm gray too thickly, it crawls  (lesson learned)  Hope that helps.


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2 hours ago, tinypieces said:

Where do you get the speedball from?

I buy them from Clay-King.com. If you sign up for their email newsletter, once or twice a year they have a sale where you can get pints as low as $6-7. Plus they're generally too thick in the bottle so you can water them down at least 25%. That's really cheap compared to Amaco Velvets. Their color palette is not as extensive, but you can do some mixing to get more colors.

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8 hours ago, tinypieces said:

I have been using Amaco's jet black velvet underglaze for a while now and would like to experiment with some others/colors.

I generally use a clear glaze over but want to experiment with a matte glaze over.

What are your favorite brands and why?

We use them all but Amaco is popular locally. I definitely would encourage trying the matte over, you may really like the effect



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