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General Clay and Glaze Kiln Questions

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Can I put White Earthenware in the same bisque fire as Buff Grogged Clay? As they are within the same temperatures to be fired at. The same with Terracotta Smooth?

Buff Grogged - 1120-1280
White Earthenware - 1060-1160
Terracotta Smooth - 1020 - 1160

Also, I am testing a glaze idea of drawing onto glaze with a normal led pencil and another test piece with compressed drawing charcoal on it. Has anyone tried this and can tell me that it they are safe ingredients to go in a glaze firing/the kiln itself?




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Ceramic pencils are made of glaze and are meant to be used directly on bisque with a transparent clear or colored glaze over the drawing. They can be fired at low and high temperatures. 

For "drawing" on unfired glaze, there are "scratch-through" techniques and drawing with a brush using oxides or colorants. 

The interesting thing about drawing on pots is learning to draw on a surface that is curved, sometimes in complex ways.

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To just add, often called underglaze techniques and come in forms such as liquid and pencil that can be applied in many ways including layering and feathering, decals, scrafito,  etc..... so lots of examples on the Internet combining all these things. Some simple pics below of painting (Brush apply) with them, and maybe some outlining with glaze pencil and clear glazed over.


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