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Screw Press Style Extruder?

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I was watching a video the other day where the artist had a small tabletop extruder that used a heavy screw press rather than a lever mechanism that you have to mount into bedrock. Does anyone know of any products on the market that are like that? My research has failed to turn up anything.


The video showing it is here:


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I would not call that a small tabletop extruder, it looks pretty industrial.

I haven't stumbled upon anything like it in the market, except for the little fiddly things that are sold on Amazon and Wish for extruding sugar paste and Fimo clay.

I just bought a level-type extruder. I find it quite easy to use - it's mounted on a wooden support beam - no trouble.


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That's probably a custom made extruder, and it's much better for extruding those small coils than a typical wall mount would be. However it would not be good for extruding much else. For one, it's terribly slow. If I were to do something like that which requires a lot of force to move clay through a tiny hole, I'd modify a car jack. It would be a lot less effort than turning that screw. Notice how much force it takes for him to turn it.

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