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Helpful Tip for Used Kiln Buyers

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Hi Forum Folks,

So this happened today - I bought a used kiln this weekend and was very excited to get it up and running.  It is a Cress FX23p, 20 yrs old, and the elements, bricks, etc. are in excellent condition.  I loaded it up, plugged it in, followed the instructions and everything. The kiln sitter button would not engage.  I repeated everything several times; nothing.  Power was fine. Lights stayed on as long as I kept a finger on the button. Timer was turning. All settings correct, but the button still did not engage and stay put. 

I called Cress and was forwarded to their Tech Support voicemail. I left my number and a brief explanation of the problem.  Then I went to the webs...  came here to the forum but found no previous post on this problem.

Fortunately I found my answer elsewhere and was able to get it up and running easily.  Turns out I made a couple of mistakes: 1) I didn't plug the kiln in and try it before buying.  That would have probably made me negotiate a lower price, or walked away, since I would have discovered the problem sooner. 2) I didn't consider that the kiln, although garage kept, had been sitting uncovered for a few years so that a significant layer of dust and dirt accumulated around the wiring and switches of the kiln sitter.

Long-sh story short, I took the panel off and removed the muck.  The problem was that dirt/dust accumulated between the kiln sitter panel and the weighted mechanism that holds the button in place during firing. Once cleaned and a couple of judicious squirts of WD-40 later, it is humming and heating like it should.

Just wanted to post this for others in the community that are considering buying a used kiln.  If any experts out there have more words of wisdom for me, please do not be shy.

BTW - still waiting for the Cress tech to call me back. ;-)


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