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Spray Gun recommendations

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Local JC Ceramic lab has somewhat like this, except the reservoir was straight up and down - more suited to level and up - where this is more suited to level and downward angles. Fairly easy to clean; dump out the reservoir, rinse, run a bit of water through it. Search "hvlp" - can be had very inexpensive - however, can be a bit heavy on the hand.image.png.fc728dc18e30bf1966f925df523dbca8.png


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7 hours ago, EKasse said:

Can anyone recommend a specific gun that works well with glazes?  I'm in the UK.

I have used Critter spray guns for a number of years and find they work well. I use them at 40 psi for glazes. It's a simple siphon feed (aka bottom feeder) spray gun as OldLady posted about. I toss the glass jar that comes with them and use a pint plastic jar, the type commercial glazes come in work well. If you do get a Critter and use a plastic jar, the lid that comes with the Critter needs to be replaced with the lid from the plastic jar.  Just use the old lid as a template for drilling a few small holes in it then reattach with the tiny set screws that come with it.


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Take a peek at tcp global, they have always had a huge variety of economical spray guns for automotive. Buy most of mine there and can set my nozzle size for fine spraying or bulk without spending a bunch of money. Top mounted cups are significantly easier on the sprayer for glazes and generally require less air but also sort of make necessary having multiple guns for layering glazes rather than just having multiple cups.


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I have also used a Critter spray gun for 22 years never had any trouble with it,  always has a perfect spray pattern for me.   I tried my husband HVLP    it worked but I was anxious the whole time I used it.  It  worked better than the Critter for spraying a 2 foot by 2 foot pot,   the pattern  was thick  and covered a lot of area.    I decided to stick to my Critter for smaller pots.    Denice

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