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Hi there!

After receiving some truly valuable information from a knowledgeable community member on here, I've decided to give up on my old kiln and invest in a new one.

Since then I've begun researching which kiln might be right for me. I am planning on only firing low fire, cone 06 clay, and glaze of the same cone temperature. I would love a kiln that might double as a jewelry making kiln so that I may create some pieces out of metal clay as well. I came across the Evenheat Kingpin 88 on a ceramics website, and at first glance, thought it might be perfect. However, everywhere that sells it mentions that its great for jewelry making, glass etc. but nothing about ceramics. I'm not sure if it's because most people would get a kiln with a higher maximum temp to do so, or if there is another reason.
Hoping someone out there knows if this kiln could be used for ceramics as well!

Thanks so much in advance!!!


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It's way too small for clay work. A mug and that's it. Plus it's only rated for 2000F, which is not hot enough. You'll be maxing it out every time you fire it, which is not great for element life. Plus you can't change the elements, as they are embedded in the fiber wall modules. These little kilns are made for jewelry and glass work, which fire at lower temperatures and put very little wear on the elements.

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