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How to make this texture

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Thanks for researching that out for me. I looked at some of her other videos and they were so vacuous I didn't pursue it further, though apparently I should have.

I was hoping for some more mechanized approach rather than just manually poking holes.I will have to give that some thought since I'm the gizmo guy :o


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Off topic

Since you called yourself a gizmo guy here is a guy just up your alley.


Bar finally landed in the US after traveling through many countries. He got his art education in Israel where he worked a lot with metal. All his sculptors are put together. They are not tediously hand crafted. His basic method is extruding and molds. 

In my opinion his skill is the ability to work with metal and create his own tools. I saw his demo and got a chance to talk to him. What i came away with - was that a major part of his creative process is creating tools. He creates his tools and then extrudes or molds his parts, then makes a series of taking pieces and parts and putting them together. 

Also how about  Kate Malone. She coil builds her pots but all her embellishment comes out of molds. Huge pots. 


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That's a really fine pot, in my opinion.  Certainly porcelain, I guess thrown and then manipulated.  I've seen pots with the main ridges pressed out, but never one with texture also.  I don't think you could get the texture on right of the 3 panels without a lot of hand work from individual tools.  The texture is too undercut to pull from any kind of mold.  Either you could take the texture to a piece of clay and apply it to the pot or use a tool to stamp the texture directly to the pot.  Either way there is texture within texture.  What makes that panel sing is that the texture is made up of multiple size impressions.  The center piece is also a challenge because of the size of the texture imprints.  Tough to make the clay release cleanly.  The left is easy, but looks great in contrast to the other 2.  I think that is just a crazy amount of time on one pot with a lot of small tool work.

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I spent some time surfing Tavill’s YouTube channel this morning to see if she had any frit references in her process. She doesn’t, as of this writing. 

She’s sculpting, and just happens to be using the wheel as a tool in her process. I don’t think any of it is about making pots per se, more that ceramic is providing her with a material that gives her a set of qualities she’s looking for. She throws reasonably skillfully, but she leaves the pieces deliberately thick so she has room to carve and manipulate before adding the texture. 

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