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Painting glazed plates for use

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I need some advice please

I have received some plates and bowls as a wedding present but they have our signatures as the decoration. First of all they feel a bit narcissistic, second of all these are our official signatures.... I don't feel comfortable using them for guests.

Is it possible to paint over the glaze? These are plates to be used everyday and go in the dishwasher.  I was thinking maybe dipping the side of the plates/bowls with the signatures would be easier (?). How could this be done?

Thank so much for your time and your help

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Hi and welcome Catty!

Just so I know how best to advise you, how much clay experience do you have, and do you have access to a kiln? I don't know of any paint or other cold finish that will be permanent and food safe over dishes. Do you happen to know how the signatures were applied to these plates in the first place? Did the giver have them done at a print shop, or did they do this themselves? If we can figure out how the plates were done, that would give us valuable information on how it might or might not be possible to fix this gift so it's a little less cringey.

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