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Hey all. So when I bought my Shimpo wheel I also opted to get the large work table. I haven’t tried installing it until now and I can’t figure out how to do so without it either a)being in the way of the wheel handle or b)being in the way of the splash pan. The only thing I found online related to is it that is it supposed to be compatible with my splash pan (tan one with flat back piece to rest tools etc on)

can anyone help me with this? I can’t seem to attach a picture...saying my file is too large. 

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Can you mount it without the splash pan and add the splash pan after?  The photos of the table look like it's a pretty tight fit even without a splash pan.  I made my own table for my rk2 and it was very tight even with the small 1 piece splash pan.

I will say though, if you contact shimpo they are extremely helpful.

Phone number here: http://www.shimpoceramics.com/contact.html

If you want to send an email use the contact form at the bottom, not the email address because the email address is for their Japan office.

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13 minutes ago, Melissa F. said:

I can’t figure out how to mount it without the splash pan and still be able to add the splash pan. I’m not ultra handy so I think I’ll just call Shimpo and see if they can explain how to do it 

Good, let us know what they tell you so the next person can reference this thread :)

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