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FRANZ RISING STAR PROJECT selects 100 pieces of artworks annually, and sponsors USD$ 1,000 for each. We also provide opportunities to participate international exhibitions and sales channel resources for young talents, such as Today Art Museum, Porzellanikon SELB, MIC International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, British Ceramics Biennial, The Artling, Hongik University, Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, and Japan Craft Design Association. With every possibility of international exposure, we encourage young talents to pass down the historic ceramic/porcelain industry altogether with their creativity and ambitions.

 If you are :


  • A current student studying in college/university/graduate school, or a 2018/2019 graduate.
  • Someone who loves porcelain/ceramic design, and seriously considering it as a career.
  • Someone who feels touched when your own concept shapes into a porcelain/ceramic artwork.
  • Expect your own artwork to be seen on the worldwide stage.


Come join the project and show your talent!


QualificationsCurrent students in college/university/graduate school, or a 2018/2019 graduate.

Number of Scholarships100 in total

Amount of ScholarshipUSD$ 1,000 per Scholarship

Application Window (Taipei, Beijing Time Zone GMT+8)5/1 12:00 noon - 8/2 12:00 noon

Scholarship Announcement9/30 12:00 noon on the Official Website


Find out more:  https://bit.ly/2Jv3J6U


Follow our Instagram to get the latest information: www.instagram.com/franz_rising_star_project/

Or email us at info@franzproject.com if you have any questions.


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