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using washing mangle as slab roller

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so somebody wants to sell me a very old slab roller.
I was interested because it seems great quality and its beautiful, old and strong.
However when I tried to search some info about it on internet I found out it is an old washing mangle.
I am doubting a bit now because somebody tries to sell me a washing mangle for a slab roller.

However maybe it could be of great use?
Does anybody has experience with this? And maybe even an idea what its worth?

thank you very much



kleiwals 2.jpeg

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On 3/26/2020 at 11:13 PM, Stellaboo said:

Hi sorry I know this is an old thread. I have an almost identical mangle, originally had it converted to a printing press. But really want to use it as a slab roller, just  wondering what thickness of base board you use and how you get different sized slabs? 

HI @Stellaboo


From memory (the centre where the mangle lives is closed, and I never wrote down specifics).


The baseboard is a piece of ply we happened to have, probably about 8mm thick.  We stuck 4mm slats onto the long sides, and use thickness slats inboard of these.  The stuck on slats stop the proper thickness slats from escaping.

The base board could probably be any thickness, it doesn't affect the finished clay thickness.  It's the inner slats that determine final clay thickness.

Hope that helps, I love my mangle, so easy to use and works really well.

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