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using washing mangle as slab roller

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so somebody wants to sell me a very old slab roller.
I was interested because it seems great quality and its beautiful, old and strong.
However when I tried to search some info about it on internet I found out it is an old washing mangle.
I am doubting a bit now because somebody tries to sell me a washing mangle for a slab roller.

However maybe it could be of great use?
Does anybody has experience with this? And maybe even an idea what its worth?

thank you very much



kleiwals 2.jpeg

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If it works for you, and it roles out a decent slab and the price wasn't crazy (you didn't say what he wanted for it)

I'd go for it. It looks way better than my mop ringer slab roller, but I would make sure it does the job.


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Sounds like a lot of money.  I paid £25 for mine, it just needed a good clean, and I painted it, mainly as I didn't like the colour!

I do love mine, it's easy to use, doesn't take up much floor space, and is re-cycling at it's best.


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