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Add more stain to Slip already prepared???


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Hi everyone,

I've made a yellow slip using my current clay body with (i think) about 10% yellow stain.  I can't quite remember.

However I fear that i haven't put quite enough stain in as it seems quite pale in colour (it should be a sunshine yellow - but its much paler than that).   

Is it possible to add in some more stain to the mix?  Would i have to water it down and re-seive the slip in order to mix this well?  

Or will i have to chuck it all and start again?  Any advice much appreciated!


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On 7/19/2019 at 9:08 AM, Chilly said:

Don't forget it might look brighter if you use a clear glaze over it.  Have you tested it?


i've finally got round to glaze firing a sample and it's now a lovely warm yellow  - completely different to it's colour on bisqueware :-)

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3 hours ago, preeta said:

The secret that i discovered by accident is if you just wet your bisqueware (after you slip it during green ware state) you will see a brighter color close to how it appears under clear glaze but not a 100%

ooooh that's very helpful!  i'll give that a go - thank you

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