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QotW: What would your tool kit for doing shows include?

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Hi folks, and once again no new questions in the Question of the Week pool, so I will take another stab! We have been doing tool kits for different activities that we as potters may need to do a task. This is my way to allow beginners to look at possible needs to do pottery, glaze pots, and to clean up after a kiln load. So taking one more step forward. . . .toward doing shows.  QotW:  What would your tool kit for doing shows include?

It has been many years since I have done shows, but in the 90's I did the Penn State Festival of the Arts for about 7 years. I found that having a few organized boxes of items needed to set up, and be ready for the show was very important. Back then, I had one metal box, call it the Cash box that was lockable, had needed change, business cards and stand, PA sales license, sales stickers, sharpies and pencils, scratch paper pad, string tags, and a leatherman.  The next box was the tool box, where I kept a 2 socket wrenches and sockets needed to set up the booth, a Phillips and straight screwdriver, duct tape, and large paper clamps(used for tablecloths, awnings etc.), mallet, tent stakes. rechargeable dremel tool with assorted grinding/polishing bits. large water container for water, and another drinking container of water.  Most of this is self explanatory, but some things may not be. Dremel tool was to clean up anything rough I found in handling pots that I may have missed. . . you never know. Water container helped selling teapots and pitchers as folks wanted to know how they poured. My booth was assembled with long bolts that attached areas together, needing ratchets. 

So what would you include in your tool kit for doing shows?




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Hmmm. I have a simplified kit for outdoor shows, and a few more added items for indoor ones. (You'd think it'd be the other way around!) Mostly my outdoor work is a weekly farmer's markets, and the odd night market. Indoor shows here are more the norm. The outdoor stuff is mostly street festivals here.

The simplified kit has:

business cards, an assortment of writing implements including chalk for some display signs, price stickers (mugs mostly), Square chip reader, backup swiper, credit card payment signs, note paper, email sign up forms, duct tape, packing tape, dressmaker's T pins for tablecloths, scissors, utility knife, multi tool, string, wire, sandpaper and a Kemper stone, business card holder, tissues, lip balm, gum, pocket container of Advil, 2-3 band aids, hand warmers and 2 vitamin c powder envelopes, 3-4 cough candies and a cash apron with float. All this fits in a train case that I found at a thrift store. I have another box for table risers and sandbags to prop bowls on so people can see inside, 2 sizes of paper bags and tissue, my main table cloth and a sign.

For indoor shows, there's more boxes of booth accoutrements, like my lighting setup including extension cords, power bars and Velcro ties (moving away from zip ties because I only need them for cord control), additional risers and sandbags, additional table cloths, curtains, s hooks to hang curtains from pipe and drape....

I think that's it.

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