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Anagama Surprise

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I was just was given a piece that I had in the recent anagama fire, that had  been found afterthe unloading and cleaning of the kiln.  I did not even realize it was missing from my  fired ware, though it was one of my favorites going in. It is nicely crusty on the interior, which I was going for-I'd made the inside very rough hoping it would catch ash. The external effects make me happy-happy! The piece is roughly 5.5" h x 2"sq.  and about 1 lb. 8 oz., which is how I like it. Body is Sheffield Z, glaze was just small splashes of tennmoku and white on some areas and thetexture is paddled or hand treated. John said the firing reached  cones 11-13 overall.   Update--I put more photos in the album Lee U Anagama Fire in the Gallery.





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Can only give 1 like darn it!!!!

A treasure in deed.

Just put my red dot name and addresss on that one leeU  in case I outlive you:-))))

Better name it phoenix.

Hope that kiln is dismantled and finds a worthy home!

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