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My family all pitched in and bought me a Clay Boss wheel for my birthday about  a month ago, and it's never quite felt right. It's incredibly difficult to center on. I've used different bats - hydrobat, universal bat system - and it still poses problems. I've completely leveled the wheel head, but the wheel table still isn't level. When its rotating, I can hear a low womp womp womp sound and feel a surge or wobble. I've also already tried the clay ball with the needle tool trick and the needle tool appeared to be rotating fine. The company isn't being a huge help in finding out whats wrong with my brand new wheel, so I'm hoping to get some suggestions and advice here. Thanks!

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i assume you have contacted the distributor and the manufacturer.   if so, call them on the telephone, talk to the store manager and if you need to, the person in charge of quality control at the factory.    DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL!   you will get no response unless you take an active role in talking to the person in charge who has the authority to correct this.

emphasize the fact that you are not a rank beginner and therefore you know what you are talking about.  offer to send a short video with sound so they can see what is happening.

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I’m not saying that this is THE answer, but I’ve experienced this problem on some of the wheels I have used in the past. For me, it was one of two problems: 1) a flat spot in the belts or 2) the seam where the belt was “welded” together.

Some possible solutions:

for flat spots, letting the wheel run for a while may allow the belt to warm up and swell back to its former shape. I have also taken the belts off and soaked them in very hot water for a while. Or if multiple belts, moving adjacent belts in opposite directions on the sheaves.

for weld issues, letting it run or trying to sand out the bump on the inside of the belt.

Replacing  the belt(s) may be a solution of last resort and/or if a brand new wheel, a fix under warranty.

Of course these only deal with belt issues and not bearing or pillow block problems.



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