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Anyone know what these tiles are for?

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I finally received the box of kiln furniture from the person I got the kiln from recently, and there are several hundred of these packed in little boxes.

They have been bisqued and have a hole in them. Are these just test tiles for glaze, If so, why the hole?

mystery tiles.jpg

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I love your imagination!  I made small roof tiles for our mailbox.   I studied up on  the many different styles and type of tiles.  I made some molds for ridge caps, fascia boards and the tile.  I have extras in case we get one of those hail storms again with grapefruit  size hail.   Denice

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As test tiles, they're pretty poor, right?  The whole thing is to low to the shelf if you laid them horizontally.  You're testing for running glazes, and that's not good.  They don't really have a stable base for standing them up.  Nothing like pieces falling over inside the kiln.

They look like roofing tiles.  Yup, dollhouse tiles.

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7 minutes ago, CactusPots said:

Hard to say from the picture, but the color leads me to think they're stoneware or even earthen ware.  Porcelain has the nice ring for wind chimes.


Stoneware has plenty a nice ring for wind chimes.  I have several on my back porch, bells too

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