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Need to build a stand for a Ward Systems MR750 burner

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I have a new Ward Systems MR750 with the Rambone pilot that I need to build a stand for. It will be used to fire my small electric -> gas conversion kiln. Anybody have any pictures  of something they have done or seen so I can get some ideas?



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Don’t have any pictures but I generally weld a bracket in place or make a tripod stand to the right height, cut a small piece of angle, face it upward as a V notch ......... and mount the burner to it securely using  two stainless steel pipe clamps.  The burner sits in the V notch of the angle. . It may require a shim or two (steel) as the burners generally taper along their length. I like them to be sturdy, stable and easily removable and use two clamps along several inches of angle as a support. The shims also allow me to level the burner or pitch it ever so slightly to hit my target as needed. Done a bunch of these but no pictures.

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If you can weld, just use some angle iron to build the stand. If you can't weld, you can build a stand with regular black pipe fittings. Either way the burner can be clamped to it with hose clamps. Whatever you do, figure out a way to secure it to the kiln so it can't be moved out of position while firing. Maybe bolt it to the kiln stand.

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