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Highest safe temp to open kiln

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We Hi all.

Can someone tell me highest safe temp at which I can open kiln.  I need to cool it as fast as possible.  Note: There is only a test object in kiln and I don’t care if it breaks.  

I just want to know the safe temp for the kiln itself. 

(I know normally, to keep ware safe, I shouldn’t open hotter than around 150.)



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If you only want to know if you can open you kiln really hot, I’ve opened my 16 cu’ Alpine a couple times above red heat without any noticeable damage although I’d expect repeated thermal shock is harder on the bricks than gently cooling.  One time during a cone 6 firing I opened the kiln around 2000 F cooled it a bit and then refined to cone 6 producing some interesting effects on the items without any damage to the pottery and another time I used the big alpine to raku fire a piece that would not fit in my raku kiln, the only difficulty was the heat I had to endure pulling a 36 inch tall item with the large door all the way open was quite hot.

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Opening a kiln while really hot just sortens the life of the bricks and furniture-they can take it (unless the shelves are advancers)

I unbricked a kiln at cone 10 once-distroyed the wares-it was 1972.My kiln -I learned never to do that again.

Nice to know the limits.

300 is safe enough.

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