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DIY setup for jolly/jigger

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I'm looking to create a a DIY jolly/jigger setup that will see heavy use. I do not want to spend thousands on existing systems.
Read some books on slipcasting and other high output production methods but I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for for j/j, I'd love advice on the following from folks who know the ins and outs!:

1. What book(s) would you recommend on learning how to create molds and the inner template for the j/j system? I bought the Donald Frith book at the recommendation in another post but I did not find anything on j/j.
2. I've read some not so good things about the Axner arm. Have you successfully made the arm from home depot/scrap yard at a budget? Would love guidance on this.
3. How thick should the walls and bottom of the mold be?

Thank you!

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Hi @moh.  Sorry to see you've not got any replies yet, possibly because very few of us use jigger/jolley setup.  It's mainly used for production.  

My local society has a j/j machine and about 30 moulds, all the same, for making large plates.

I would think your best option would be to find a business that is changing/stopping j/j work and buy their old equipment.

Other than that, I cannot answer any of your questions either, despite having used the j/j setup at last summer's annual pottery camp.  :(


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I have a friend with a homemade one

They are easy to make-just use some structural steel(I beam or angle iron) that clamps on the wheel deck.Make sure it cannot flex.

make the form cut out from plexiglass. make a plaster mold and use the arm to cut the plaster form when simi wet.

He make plates or at least at one time.The plates are less than great I feel as the feet and lips are poorly finished but thats all fixable with a better thouight process at the start.

No need to buy any parts-its all home made stuff.

Hope this helps

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