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Kiln in a greenhouse??


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Hi All,

I have done weekly pottery classes at a local centre for a few years and am now thinking of trying to create my own pottery studio at home, having moved to a bigger house.

I don't have a basement or garage,  but there is a large glass and metal greenhouse at the end of the garden. The greenhouse is good quality, has electric hook up, and a cement foundation and floor. There are ceiling vents that open and close and a main door and lower vents on the other end wall. 

I've googled it and think this might work as a place to have a studio and fire the kiln (obviously I wouldn't sit in there when the kiln is on!) but wanted to check if anyone has done this before or knows of it working well? I'm slightly concerned about enough ventilation and the greenhouse possibly getting very hot when firing......??

There's also the possibility of maybe squeezing the kiln next to the greenhouse on the edge of the concrete base and building a shelter around it, but I live in Somerset in the UK and we have a wet humid climate so not sure that's the best idea.....



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It'll work in the greenhouse as long as you have the proper clearances recommended by the kiln manufacturer. Generally we like to have 18" clearance around the kiln. You can go 12" if it's a non-flammable wall. The kiln will heat up the space, but with those vents it shouldn't get too bad. You can always open the door and have a fan blow cool air into the space. You will need to vent the kiln, though, either with a downdraft vent or overhead hood, to keep fumes out of the space.

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I have a small kiln in an 8 x 10 cedar greenhouse in Essex, UK.

It doesn't seem to get much hotter in there during firing.  I always fire overnight, using  Economy 7.

I have a cable hard-wired into the kiln, that plugs (caravan plug) into a dedicated socket on the outside of the house, that is hard-wired to the fuse board.  The  door and windows are closed during firing, but the glass is a "rattling fit", I don't have a vent, and I'm not in there while firing.  I fire glass to 735-790C and ceramic to 1,000C.

Make sure you have proper sized cable/fittings etc.  I didn't to start, and the standard 13amp plug/socket melted together.

As @neilestricksays,  proper space is necessary, I have a concrete paving slab floor, and roll the kiln to the middle so it is away from the cedar benches.  I still grow stuff in there, strawberries and bonsais live in there during the winter, I also share a loom that lives in there sometimes - but when that's there I don't have room to touch, let alone swing a cat!


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All of the information that has been stated is spot on. You have not mentioned if you would still be using the greenhouse for its original intention-greenhouse. If so, venting is oh so important as the sulfuric oxides  will damage the leaves of young plants. Even sturdier plants will have a problem with the kiln environment of gasses and heat.





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