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Hello I was hoping for any help on the trimming of pinch pots on the wheel,  I met another Potter at my local studio who does this and she offered to show me but we keep missing each other.  Do any of you know how to do this and what kind of specific equipment or tool do I need? A plaster or bisque slump mould?  What kind of bat system do you need?

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Curious why you would like to trim a pinch pot on the wheel?

To make if look wheel thrown? 

My pinch pots are lumpy. I would never trim them on a wheel. How would I treat each lumpy area. 

For me I'd rather make a slab bowl on a mold. No trimming. 

I love pinch pot bowls.  I love the gnarly feel on them (Tho I must admit I love gnarly. In fact I miss my old self. The beginning student bowls and cylinders. They had a natural movement that I have to now fake, but alas it's never like my beginning student work)   I must also admit I love traditional pottery more than modern. I love buying other potters clean lines, but myself making its boring.  

I have actually wheel thrown a basic bowl to help with time and then trimmed it by pinching. 

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