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Luster or Metallic over glaze

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I'm looking for lustre glazes and all I can find are the very obvious gold, platinum etc.  The most subtle is mother of pearl.  Is there  a way to make a metallic overglaze?    All my glaze recipes are Cone 6-7.   I want to OVER-GLAZE these with some metallic colors.  ANY ideas???  Does anyone work with lustre glazing ?  (I think of Lustre as in Alan Craiger Smith's work....and the like....)  I am not trying for that level of lustre and tin glazes etc.  That is well beyond my scope.

A company called ARTE FO has some amazing "Effect" glaze colors, but these go on bisque.  This may sound terribly naive - and lustre glazes may a more complex approach?    Hence the search for 'metallic' over-glazes.  Any suggestions.  Many thanks in advance....

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