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Wondered if anyone has used jiffy pots (the seed starter pots) as clay forms?  I will be working with  little kids this summer and I want them to experience making a pot that actually looks like a flower pot but wasn't sure if It would release the clay.  i know it will wick away some of the moisture but don't know if it will hold up.  I'm a volunteer at a local art studio and would love to hear from someone.

Thank you


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i do not think they will work very well, the clay is just damp enough that it might cause the jiffy pot to collapse.   it is not hard to teach them to use slabs that are cut to the right shape and put a bottom on,  a very simple example.   to get a shape that will work, i suggest finding a good size paper cup that they can handle easily.   too small is hard to do.   cut it on its seam and flatten it under a heavy book.  have them cut their own shape and form it over a second paper cup.

look at Sandi Pierantozzi's work and see how simple it can be.

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