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I am a beginner in the field of glazing , i want to make some tiles and i heard about a technique called cuerda seca mostly used on tiles work.

i searched alot for the recipe or formula for the material used in this technique to be applied by silk screen but can’t get what am looking for, just found one product called artistic line resist but unfortunately it couldn’t be delivered to my country.

so please if anyone could help me with that i will be so thankful, all i know about this material that it contains a bit of wax



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welcome,   what country?    the label on the jar shows that the material can be piped.     that is the most commonly used way of applying the lines.   Angelica Pozo, in the USA, wrote a book about tiles and included this technique.  i have her recipe in my studio and will find it for you.  it is very simple.

you have put your question in a section where many members who can help may not see it.   could you move it from  "forum FAQ and terms of use"  to one called "Clay and Glaze Chemistry" so you can get an answer.   you never need to start with a cry for help, that is what you always need when you ask a question.


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Thanks oldlady so much but my country is egypt.

i made too much trials and searches about this material every where but find no thing most of people mentioned using of oil as base for this material but oil is not efficient.

am waiting for the recipe you got from the book.

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