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Mason stains samples

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Is there any thread regarding Mason stains samples?

Would be great if other people shared their samples, firing temperatures, percentages and stain codes.

here are my latest samples.

Firing temperature: 1060 C

Base: matte transparent glaze


black turned brown for some reason

grey sage turned grey blue


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I've been told that many Mason stains don't survive cone 10 firings and burn out to black.  But I've also found ^10 recipes that call for Mason stains as colorants.  I guess that which colors can survive high fire varies with their chemistry, and that makes sense.

Does anyone know which stains are hardy enough for cone 10 , which aren't and which vary depending on conditions?  Anyone know how to find out based on other people's experience rather than doing my own tedious and expensive testing?



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Derek Au and Jake Corboy have tested an extensive number of stains in glaze and clay. The base chemistry can affect the color of certain stains (glazes with magnesium can turn chrome/tin [maroon to pink] stains grey) but this should give you a general idea. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the different stains. These are all cone 6 oxidation.




Jake Corboy's website


This is an excellent matte glaze and there are a number of different stains tested if you scroll to the pictures at the bottom.





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