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I've been working a  travel mug design for a while. It is basically a tapered tall cup with a lip that fits a silicone sip lid. 

My biggest problem has been how to insulate it enough so you can hold really hot liquids comfortably without a handle. 

My current design uses a couple of circles of clay attached where you would naturally grab the cup. I have carved lines in them to aid with air flow. The cups are still a little hot to hold straight after pouring though. 

I have some commercially made travel cups that have a double wall as insulation but that isn't going to be possible with a thrown form. 

I'm wondering if I could make a thick slip to go on the outside. In the slip I would add some kind of combustible - little paper balls? Then as they burn out I'd get lots of little air pockets for insulation. I'm firing a gas kiln outside so fumes wouldn't really be a problem.

Is this a crazy idea. Any other suggestions? 

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