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How to achieve this glaze?

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Hi and welcome!

The glaze you're referencing should work, as long as it's on a porcelain or other very light coloured clay.

Just so we can give you the best answers for your situation, where in Europe are you located, and are you used to purchasing glazes premade, or are you mixing your own?

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You might be able to achieve a little less gloss in your glaze with a slower cool down.  Slowing the temperature descent may give time for crystals to develop, resulting in a more matt surface.

The color in your second photo seems a little more intense than that in your first one. Try a progressive line blend from 0.25 - 1.0% of the “pigment” in your base glaze, to narrow in on your target result.



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7 hours ago, Mitzuuu89 said:

Hmm Amaco satin line fires at 1200 degrees (cone 5/6)

the clay i used  needs to burn at 1020-1080 degrees (cone 4)

If your clay matures at 1080C that would be approx cone 03 not cone 4, big difference. I would look for a lowfire earthenware matte base, not the midrange Amaco cone 5/6 one. You might need to fire your clay to maturity at cone 03  first then use a 06/04 glaze. Some matte glazes are super sensitive to firing temperatures because they rely on the mattness from the glaze being underfired. Not an ideal situation but it happens.

Orton cone chart in F and C here if it helps.

edit: can you get Amaco Low Fire Matte glazes? Have a look at the Dove Gray, looks similar to what you posted. You could blend the matte with some low fire gloss if the matte is too dry.

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added a thought
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48 minutes ago, Joseph Fireborn said:

Looks like a very thick application of a matte glaze with .5-1% of robins egg mason stain. Probably with a nice 5-6 added hour slow cool.

thanks guys for your input,  going to order a batch of stains for my next set of tests. Hopefully i can achieve something similar :)

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IN the   picture it looks more slightly greenish, perhaps if you mixed your satin white glaze powder with the tiniest amount of copper carb, I would suggest .0025 per kg of glaze powder

Or if you are wanting greenish, then Copper carb in a tiny amount, but there are Robin's blue glaze recipes on internet, which might give you some indication of how much colourant to add to your stable already glaze recipe

I love your turquoise range colours

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