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Gerstley Borate is a common name for a mineral of the sodium calcium borate hydrates that ware mined in the western desert in in USA.  Other sources of this mineral include Ulexite (a trade mane), Amalgamet (also a trade name), colemanite, .

Search for mineral deposits of sodium calcium borates in China.  

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Colemanite and ulexite  are available in Chile and Turkey and maybe California. They have very high losses on ignition  with ulexite probably causing more problems of the two. Gillespie borate is a replacement for gerstley (not a drop in but similar) so you might have  more success shipping that.  @liambesaw is correct in that Frits may be a better source of insoluble boron.

Gerstly borate was mined in California and its primary use was to encapsulate underground nuclear testing. Since that market is gone, the mine was shut down. In or around 2011 Laguna  purchased the remaining tons of the stuff laying about the abandoned mine and became a primary supplier for the pottery community which was a tiny consumer of this material compared with the US government.

The mine is abandoned and not worth reopening for such limited use. Lots of it still in the ground though if someone wanted to start digging..

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