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Hi, I am using store bought liquid slip and plaster molds. Un-molding after leather hard and just letting air dry, usually 24 hours. This is an example and they all have multiple cracks like this. The more I do the more I research and the last slip i bought was super thick so i thinned it with just water and just discovered that was not good. Do you think this is why it is cracking?


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As @neilestrick says.  You need to get the moulds open as soon as you can.  When is "as soon as" ?  Hmmm, difficult, you will only tell by practice.  You might need to crack the mould open, and then separate it and leave the clay in one of the parts of the mould as support.  Pick a piece that doesn't have projections or undercuts.  You might need to cast 2 or 5 or 10 times to get the feel of this, before you get a perfect casting.  Think of this as like taking driving lessons.  Many lessons, no actual journeys.

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