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I wonder how many of yall use paper slip?  I'm using it exclusively for anything that requires joining since I found out about https://www.twinrockerhandmadepaper.com/ from a sculptor friend of mine.  This paper pulp is truly a thing of beauty.  It comes already hydrated, ready to use.  Blends with slip easily.   In my experience  it hasn't soured at all in almost a year,  I haven't tried leaving it that long in slip, I mean the pulp by itself.   It's ultra white in color, would add nothing to super white porcelain.  I've been using it even to repair bisque.  I soak both pieces and then use the paper slip to join.  You can re bisque or not at this point.  I have a 100% success doing this. 

I haven't been on this forum long, so if this has been presented before, my bad.

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I keep a dried sheet of paper clay around and use a chunk of it for repairs.  I had some left over from a project I was working on, it was some moist paper clay I had purchased from my local ceramics store.   I have made paper clay with toilet paper in the past and it did spoil quickly.   Thank you for the info on the paper pulp  it sounds like it works better than my paper clay.   Welcome back to the forum.   Denice

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